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Welcome To fractal-vibes.com!

Fractal-vibes.com came into being in 1999 as a creative outlet for my fractal art and especially my fractal/algorithmic music. My first introduction to fractal graphics was a pictorial section in the back of our "Statistics for Science and Engineering" at Baylor. The fact that such images of strange beauty were created using purely mathematics was utterly fascinating to me. Some yers later I got a couple of Clifford Pickover's books on fractals and managed to write a simple fractal graphics generator in Borland's Delphi IDE. The source code for that is long lost..

In searching the web for fractal graphics I came across Lars Kindermann's website with his program "MusiNum" After downloading it and playing with it a bit I was hooked on this way of creating music via mathematics. Soon thereafter I sought out a number of other fractal music programs such as ArtSong and Gingerbread.

At about the same time I started the CNFractal Music Forum on EGroups(which soon became a Yahoo! Group.) The internet was still a relatively new thing (to me at least) and it was fascinating to make acquaintances with others from all over the world having similar intrests. That was back in the day when the new site MP3.com would let you upload your MP3s and have them burn CDs for a very small charge. Our CNFractalMusic Forum released 3 CDs featuring the work of members from the US, Europe, and South America. Really fun projects!

Some years back I let the website "expire" and the Forum basically became inactive. Since having to go on long term disability due to illness this year I thought now was the time to bring the website back to life and become creative once again. Still very much a work in progress, there is a combination of new and old stuff here. The older tunes are midi files which have been re-recorded using some of the synthesizers available in SONAR.

I hope you will like these creations or at least find them interesting! Please send any comments, suggestions, feedback, etc. to or use the feedback link on the navigation bar to send a web form.

Phil Jackson
September 2015.

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